Enhance Agent Productivity with a Progressive Dialer Software

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More Leads and Revenue

Waste less time dialing and spend more time talking to live prospects. Increase sales and revenue gains.

Connect Outbound Calls based on Agent and Lead Connectivity

Avoid busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers for your leads.The call gets connected only if an agent is available to take it.

Campaign Logs

Campaign logs show the status of running, completed and paused campaigns. Campaign logs can now be filtered using the Campaign Type filter. Outbound calling shows all the outbound call center type campaigns.

Maximize Business Outcome

With an automated dialer software, you can increase contact rates and increase revenue for your business

Upload Phonebook

Upload your phonebook on the panel and feed data beforehand. Automate your whole outbound calling process and save time from feeding phone numbers again and again.

Live Analytics & Dashboard

Live Calls page has been been modified to show Agent Type. Agents On Call data will now show summary for Outbounds Calls also.Blended Agents receive Inbound Calls as well do Outbound Call Center Calling.

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